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  1. Tesco Introduce their new Eco Active Range with Prices Starting from just £1


    Brits are becoming more eco-conscious when it comes to using environmentally-friendly cleaning products for their homes.

    In the last year there has been a sharp rise in demand for eco-cleaning products with Tesco seeing a near 45 per cent rise in sales.

    However a 2017 report by retail analysts Mintel states that premium price for these green products has been a major setback in attracting further customers.

    With such a strong surge in demand Tesco will today give customers even more choice by launching an own label range, Eco Active.

    And the good news for shoppers is that the new seven product range will also help them save on existing branded eco-products by at least 50 per cent.

    Tesco household goods product developer Sanjeev Kaushal who developed the range said:

    “Demand for eco-cleaning products in the UK is at an all-time high with shoppers more aware of how they can protect the planet through informed choices that start in their homes.

    “Customers tells us that they want to buy eco-cleaning products but they must be effective, affordable, easily available and independently certified to not harm the environment.

    “They also want complete transparency on how they are produced, the ingredients they contain and the impact they have on the environment. We believe our new range of products answers all that criteria.”

    All the products are recyclable with the bottles containing up to 45 per cent recycled plastic.

    The range, which is made from plant-based, non-toxic, bio-degradable ingredients, includes washing up liquid, two fabric conditioners, two laundry detergents, toilet cleaner and a multi-surface cleaner.

    All the products have been independently tested and certified by the EU Ecolabel, established in 1992 by the European Commission, to identify products and services which reduce environmental impact.

    Using greener cleaning products which are made from plant-based ingredients and not the commonly used petroleum can make a considerable difference to both the environment and to our energy resources.

    The Tesco Eco Active range will be on sale in more than 500 Tesco stores across the UK and will cost between £1 and £4.

    The full Tesco Eco Active range is as follows:

    A report by retail analysts Mintel, The Future of Fabric and Dish Care 2017, recommends that “affordability and efficiency are key benefits that mainstream green fabric care and dishwashing brands need to highlight to consumers. The main task for marketeers is to convince sceptics that highly efficient and affordable products are also green.”

    In May, Tesco exclusively launched the Ecover Ocean Plastic washing up liquid in store for six weeks, made from 10 per cent ocean plastic. The product was very popular and brought in 55 per cent new shoppers to Eco cleaning products.

    Tesco has now gone one better, with a brand new Ecover Ocean Plastic washing up liquid, again exclusive to Tesco, made from 50 per cent ocean plastic – the biggest yet!

    This is fantastic news as Tesco has not only acknowledge the need for more eco-friendly products but has made them affordable to their customers. We look forward to trying these products out and getting feedback from our clients.

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  2. SBS badgeProud to announce we have received a business boost from Retail Entrepreneur and former BBC Dragon's Den businessman Theo Paphitis. Last week I tweeted Theo about my business during ‘Small Business Sunday’ and was one of six weekly winners to gain a retweet by Theo to his 500,000 Twitter followers.  The weekly initiative, set up by Theo in 2010, now has over 2000 #SBS winners and supports small businesses in the UK.

    Business and retail entrepreneur and self-confessed Shopkeeper, Theo retweeted my message to his almost 500,000 followers and as a result, has gained more followers and taken on more work. We're also profiled on the #SBS website ( that is exclusive to all Small Business Sunday winners.

    We’ve only been in business a year so it's great to have support from Theo because it’s been tough trying to raise our profile and Theo has recognised our hard work and helped spread the word about what we do to his following.

    theo_paphitisSmall business champion and Ryman Stationery, Robert Dyas and Boux Avenue Chairman, Theo Paphitis, said:

    “We are thrilled to welcome new #SBS members every week and highlight just how important it is to support our small businesses here in the UK.  My vision is that everyone who has ever won an #SBS re-tweet from me becomes part of a friendly club; like-minded individuals who can share successes and learnings. The website and Shop #SBS will also give a valuable profile to the winners chosen and I wish Green Clean Edinburgh every success.”

    #SBS Winners now also have access to the exclusive members’ selling platform where hundreds of winners are already selling thousands of products, from unique gifts and bespoke furniture to pet toys or jewellery.  It is another opportunity for the #SBS winners to turn tweets into sales.

    Anyone looking for a re-tweet from Theo should tweet him about their business on Sunday between 5 PM and 7.30 PM and include the hashtag #SBS. Six lucky businesses are retweeted every Monday at 8 PM and then invited to enter their profile on the new website, attend the annual #SBS networking event and take advantage of the networking opportunities.

     We look forward to seeing our small business grow from strength to strength.